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1. Contact us – we want to be involved from the start.

It is an advantage if we participate in the development and construction. As a rule, the production become more rational if we are already at this stage may assist with our expertise.

2. We can take care of the manufacture of molds.

The making of the mold, we let one of our toolmakers do. In epoxy, aluminum or steel, depending on the product design and production volume. Run-in period and the last corrections make our own technicians.

3. Production Components.

If needed any such for stabilization, attachment, etc., we produce by subcontractors, who we work with and who is familiar with the way we work.

4. Form casting.

Occurs in any of our rational PU machines and flexibility is great. We can produce both small and large products in both small or large quantities. Soft or hard and in different colors.

5. Finish Work and quality Control.

Takes place right next to the machines. This is to minimize the errors and avoid interference. Maintaining a high level of quality permeates the entire workforce thinking and is a top priority in our development.

6. We can also take care of further processing of the Product.

While we’re at it, it is easy for us to mount a brace here and a spacer in there. Together we try to find ways to reduce the total cost of the final Product.