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Polyurethane (PUR) is perceived by many as "plastic" but those who work with the material, whether they are selling, designs or manufactures, do not like that term. Depending on the manufacturing method, one can obtain different hardness and elasticity. In some cases, it can have almost the same properties as rubber and in another application it may be rigid and hard.

We work with different colors and hardnesses of our materials, and we can change many properties to customers' unique needs.

Our materials

Vollflex® [Read more]
Vollflex is a foamed material with a integralskin, which works well in both low and high temperatures, inside and out, fit well in the offshore, etc.

Volltec® [Read more]
Volltec is a rubber-like material that is suitable for long-term exposure in environments with high demands on wear and tear.


is the perfect material for many purposes when you want to wear and different kinds of elasticity. It is used for coating wear surfaces and truck wheels and other wheels which are subjected to high loads and wear. It is a common material and we come in contact with it daily without reflecting on it.


We manufacture

Polyurethane products in foam and Elastomers in both Ether and Ester mixtures, including seal, damp and protect. We can for example offer your diaphragm, carpets, wear protection, seals and gaskets, arm rests, chairs, cable connectors, offshore products the possibilities are endless.


We meet your needs

Moreover, we have long experience of casting in different hardnesses and colors, then we can cast into eg metal, plastic, wood, textile, glass, etc.


Polyurethane has many names

Identification of polyurethane varies widely in the market and each manufacturer uses its own brand of his-produced polyurethane quality eg
Adiprene®, Vibrathane®, Royalcast®, Hyperlast®, Volltec®, Eladip®, Baytec®, Desmodur®, Elasturan®, Elastocoat®, Ureflex®, Imuthane®, Vollflex®, Versathane®, Monothane®, Rotakote®, Castomer® , Elastollan®, MP PurElastic®, etc.


It is not only the choice of materials

But also the design of a technical detail that determines its functionality, reliability and longevity. Even seemingly simple applications of uretangummits unique characteristics can – in addition to the selection of the right type and hardness – optimized by proper design.

Tool manufacture

We take care of tool manufacture for the customer, we have many unique solutions that make so that the end product is as good as possible, we work with different tool manufacturers, depending what is required …