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The story

About”Vollsjö” began namely 1912, when Sven Jönsson started his toffelmakeri in Karlshamn and the foundation was thus laid for a 75-year adventure in the slipper industry. In the early 1980s, with the brand “Vollsjö-slipper”, was introduced polyurethane in the business. Plush slippers with polyurethane insole made success and simultaneously began the journey towards the settlement of slipper business. The slippers with a durable polyurethane soles were too good and kept for a long time, which allowed the user is not replaced their slippers as often as before.

1987 we came to the realization that we need to do something else in order to survive in the long run as businesses. The first formgods- component produced – a wheel for a time walker. The material and manufacturing process we got from sultillverkningen. Then it went fast. 1990 phased out slipper bottom-production. More machines tailored for component-manufacturing acquired. We developed the material side, and learned more about our current activity.

trasko i polyuretan