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Work Carpets

Facts on our carpet.

– Moulded bevelled edges

– They will never curl up, eliminating tripping hazards

– Any size, any shape mat, always in one piece

– No overlapping, eliminating the risk of snubblinghögsta quality

– Not only anti-fatigue, but also true ergonomic benefits

– Unique ergonomic design, eliminate and prevent common problems encountered in the above environments by stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness, reduce sick leave, workers compensation and quality issues.

– Silicone & latex free

– Biocompatible

– Swan Label

– 7 year warranty

How does an ergonomic mat?

Vollsjö’s ergonomic mats are designed to stimulate the circulation in the feet, legs and lower back. The circulation is stimulated by our unique, patented profile, which forces the muscular response. True ergonomic mats, Vollsjö’s, are carefully designed to provide an optimal balance between compression and resistance, which is crucial for achieving the appropriate muscle stimulation. A good way to understand what an ergonomic mat adds is to compare with the suspension of a car. Just as with the suspension, absorbs and distributes the shock and pressure, while providing the necessary support for stability.

Why is it important to have an ergonomic mat?

Like all ergonomic tools, ergonomic mats designed to work together with the human body in order to facilitate the tasks that the body performs. In the above work is an ergonomic mat crucial for reducing or eliminating short-term fatigue and discomfort, but also more long-term negative cumulative effects of stress and muscular stress injuries. These benefits also leads on to the real savings through reduced fatigue, increased productivity, improved morale and reduced sickness absence.

Advantages of an ergonomic mat from Vollsjö!

– They stimulate blood circulation and prevent cramps

– They reduce fatigue and minimizes the number of workplace accidents

– They increase safety at the workplace

– They improve the working environment and increase job satisfaction

– They reduce absenteeism

– They reduce costs due to less sick leave

– They lead to increased productivity and can thus increase profits